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Global Sport Coach is the world’s sports, health and fitness coaching directory that is also equipped with the right tools, information and contacts to help coaches bring out your best.
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Global Sport Coach is an international network that connects those seeking assistance and training in the areas of athletic performance, with coaches and other support networks. We provide quality information for all levels of sports participation via videos, articles, social platforms and coverage of live sporting events and clinics.

Overall our goal has always been to connect sports people, with the right information to help benefit all parties involved. We aim to also document as many of our findings as possible to share it with those who support our vision of increasing levels of performance and wellbeing.

The Team

CEO – Mark Stitt

Mark Stitt is a former professional international rugby player who has had many years of combined sporting and business experience. With successful Fitness Centres and Fitness Training Organisations, Mark was well equipped to take on a project like Global, and has seen its growth from the beginning.

In line with Mark’s goals of linking more people within the fitness industry, Global has aims in linking local networks, creating a network of athletes of all development levels, and extending these networks to include a vast range of sports, internationally. Mark continues his work with Global alongside his other sporting and business ventures, as a supportive and involved executive.

Head of IT – Declan Holt

Our experienced web developer Declan Holt has a passion for music production, filming via drones, and advancements in live streaming of sporting events. Declan enjoys some boxing on the side, however his attention to detail and IT skills has been powering the Global Sport Coach website from early days. Declan looks forward to hosting more of the world’s largest sporting bodies on this site, and creating the network that is becoming a strong link in international athletic connections.



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