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Join the World’s newest network of athletes and sports professionals. Find established and developing athletes, access sport specific training resources and stay up to date on your training schedule and competitions.
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How do we help with sports training?

Connect With Athletes

Global Sport Coach can help you contact like-minded athletes, find new talent, connect current rosters and improve communication.

Promote Services

Create a customisable profile and submit events to our global calendar to promote services and facilitate enquiries from athletes and teams.

Learn From the Best

Read sporting articles featuring Olympic level athletes and coaches, gain valuable insights and learn from current champions.

Keep In Touch

Use Global Sport Coach video conferencing tools to communicate with athletes, record consultations and broadcast training instructions to multiple users

Publish Articles

Sign up for an extended premium membership to publish articles and research. From new studies to event results, submit your latest findings or sporting news.

Facilitate Training

Use task management features to manage individual and group training. Easily assign programs and reminders to specific users or larger teams.


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