Global Sport Coach Helps athletes and coaches find each other.

From junior tennis coaches to gymnastics instructors to the coaches pro-athletes choose, you’ll find the right sports coach in our directory. Ask questions, check credentials, get all the info you need to find the right sports coach, instructor or trainer.
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How do we help with sports training?

Find a Coach

Global Sport Coach will assist you in finding the best coach for your sport, in your area. Our member directory makes it easy to browse coaches based on sport type, location and qualifications.

Ask Questions

Quickly message professional coaches, request training and receive advice on progress.

Set Goals

List achievements and results on your profile to work with coaches on setting new goals.

Start Training

Create a training plan with your coach; receive guidance and share training media via our intuitive activity feed.

Keep In Touch

Use Global Sport Coach video conferencing tools stay in touch with your coach, record meetings and provide feedback on training.

Monitor Results

Keep on top of your training by using our task management tools to create shareable lists and goals


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