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1.  Getting Started

1.1  Registration

Firstly to start using global sports coach you will need to register an account with the website. You can register by either filling out the registration form or using your Facebook login details. Both methods are fast and simple however using the registration form will add information your profile and will allow you to join sporting groups of interest automatically.

Please note that spaces in usernames will be ignored. Username John Smith will become JohnSmith on submission.

Coaches should provide as much information as possible to create a detailed profile for athletes to browse. Each piece of personal information can be controlled by the coach, allowing them to choose which items are visible to the public or just a select few. The only items that are required to be public are name, location and past experience.


Athlete sign-up is very similar to coaches however the items focus more on personal achievements and past training. Personal information privacy is also customizable when using the website registration form.

2.  User Profiles

User profiles form the basis for sharing information between Coaches and Athletes. Our coach and athlete directories are generated from sign-up information and allow users to quickly browse members and form training groups.

To access your user profile click on the profile avatar link in the top right navigation bar.

The profile sections allows you to:

2.1 Profile


View displays your current profile configuration. This default menu will give you an idea of what other users see when they click on your profile.


Edit allows you to change any of your personal details entered during the registration process. If you used the Facebook registration option you can add information to your profile here. Basic privacy options can also be updated under this menu. Visibility options include Everyone, Only Me, All Members or My Friends.

Change Avatar

Your avatar is the display picture associated with your profile. You can upload an image to your profile from computer by clicking the browse button. Locate the file on your computer and click open to. To finalize your avatar click upload image.

You can remove your avatar by clicking the delete my avatar button, the avatar will revert back to the default icon.
Additionally if you have an email account compatible with gravatar it will be used by default when you register.

2.2 Activity


The personal tab shows your past activity on the website and allows you to make status updates. Status updates allow media to be attached using the ‘attach file’ button. You can also chose who can see the post by using the drop down menu located to the right of the file attach button.


The mentions tab shows every post or comment that has referred to your username on the website so you can find out who is talking about you.


Favourites are similar to ‘likes’. Users can favourite a post or comment letting you know that they agree or support your content.


The friends tab allows you to see any activity posted by your friends only. It works as a filtered site wide activity feed allowing you to hide any activity by non friends. You can comment, favourite or report status updates from this tab.


The groups tab is similar to friends however it only displays activity from groups you have joined. You can comment, favourite or report status updates from this tab.

2.3 Notifications


New notifications that have not been read will be listed here.


Older notifications that have will be archived in the read section

2.4 Messages


Opening the messages icon will take you to your inbox by default. New messages will be displayed here. Read messages by clicking on the subject title underneath the message senders name.

Messages can be deleted individually by using the delete button under the message details or in bulk by click the check box beside messages and then clicking the delete selected in the bottom right hand corner.


The sent tab displays a list of all messages sent by the user. Sent messages are also able to be bulk deleted. Global Sports Coach does not allow for archiving of old messages.


To send a new message start typing the name of the recipient in the send to box. If spelled correctly the user should appear in a dropdown menu underneath the text box.
Messages require a subject title and message content to send. Once your message is complete click the send message button at the bottom left corner.


Site wide notices will be displayed here. Notices are created by Global Sports Coach administrators to inform users of updates and policy changes.

2.5 Friends


The friendships page allows you to see a list of your friends. You can view their profiles from this page and also cancel a friendship if you no longer wish to see or keep in contact with another user.

You can also order your friend list using the order by drop down menu in the top right corner of the page.


Users wishing to establish a friendship with you will require approval first. Friendship requests will be listed under this menu.

2.6 Groups

The group’s page lists each group you have joined on Global Sports Coach. You can navigate to any of your groups by clicking on the round image or group titles that appear in the grid section.


Private groups require an invite to join. Private groups will generally be setup by coaches to conduct training correspondence with individuals and teams.

You can approve or deny any group invitations that are sent to you.

2.7 Forums

The forums section displays your activity and posts from the forums located in each group area. It will list thread you have created as well as any replies, favourites and subscriptions.

You can navigate quickly to the different forums from this section and view the interactions from other users.

2.8 Media

This menu allows you to manage and upload media to your profile. Photos, videos and music are the main media types allowed for upload and sharing. You can create albums for each kind of media allowing you to easily store and organize files that will assist in training and sharing events.

The options button located at the top right of the page will allow you to create a new album for new media. A pop-up box will ask for the album title, once inputted you can close the pop-up and add media to the new album by finding it in the album tab located at the top of the media section.

To upload media click the upload button located next to options in the top right corner of the page. A menu will drop down asking you to specify which album you would like the media in, the level of privacy you’d like associated with the file and the way you’d like to upload the file (drag and drop or file browser).

File Browser Upload

By clicking on select your file you will be asked to locate the file for upload on your computer, once selected you will need to click the start upload button in the center of the page. Once the file is uploaded the writing in the status table will change from uploading to uploaded in green.

Do not click the red cross at the right hand side of the status table unless you wish to delete the file you just uploaded. If you are finished uploading files you can just navigate away from the file uploader by clicking on a link.

Drag and Drop Upload

An alternative upload method is drag and drop. Simply find the file on your computer and drag it into the browser window area signaled by the dotted line. The rest of the upload process is identical to file browser mode.

Editing Media

Once a file is uploaded it can be edited in a variety of ways. You can rename the media and upload a new version of the file or crop and rotate images under the images tab next to details.

Simply click the edit link in the upload status table next to the red delete cross and follow the menus.

To keep changes click on the save button at the bottom left of the edit page.

3. Training Groups

Coaches have access to administrative tools including the ability to create new sporting groups and training schedules.

The training area is used to create work out lists that are assignable to users of the group. Only coaches have permission to create new schedules, they can be either private or public depending on the type of class and coaching.

To create a training list for your group click the Add new training schedule button.

3.1 Add Training Schedule

Give the training schedule a name, it will appear as the schedules title in your group.

A description is also recommended to outline any instructions regarding the training tasks. For example recovery periods and technique guides.

Save the group by clicking Add Now

3.2 Schedule Dashboard

Edit Project

To change the training schedule title or description use this link.

Toggle view completed tasks

Will show or hide tasks that have been checked as completed.

3.3 Add New Task

The description box information will be displayed as the task in the drag-and-drop menu once saved. Due Dates can be assigned to tasks and will provide alerts when deadlines approach.

Assign to menu will allow a coach to assign the task to a specific user (coach and user must be friends).

Priority levels and email notifications can also be assigned to tasks.

3.4 Drag And Drop Task List

Tasks can be moved up and down by clicking and dragging the grey area surrounding the task. Coaches and Admins are also able to delete tasks. Athletes are able to check items as completed.

3.5 Individual Tasks

Individual tasks can be edited and commented on by clicking their title. Inside a task you will find more information displaying priority levels, due dates, user assignments and comments.

3.6 Add Task Lists

Adding a new task list will allow the drag and drop menu to be broken down further. Individual tasks will indent under the task list heading if dragged to the right, allowing for further grouping and organization.

In this example you can see Monday is the new task list and the training items are listed underneath. The entire list can be moved up and down simply by dragging the Monday heading up or down. Task list Tuesday has also been created with tasks being dragged to the right underneath the heading to identify day breaks.

4. Creating Groups

Coaches and administrators can create new groups for sports training and team interaction. Simply navigate to the Sports Group page and click the green Create a Group link, underneath the Global Sport Coach logo.

4.1 Enter Details

Provide a name and group description to create a new group.

4.2 Settings (Privacy)

Pick the appropriate privacy options for your group.

4.3 Forums

If you’d like your group to have forum functions check yes.

4.4 Avatar

Click the Chose file button to open the file browser. Locate your avatar image and click open. To complete the process click the upload image button. Once saved click Next Step.

4.5 Media

This menu allows you to control which users can create new media albums and upload files.

4.6 Invites

Invite your friends to join the group by ticking the box to the left of their avatar. Invites can only be sent to friends.

4.7 Training

CollabPress powers the training task schedules. Set as enabled to add the training tab to your group. Custom names are able to be given to the training tab if you need to specify something different.

Use the drop down menu to set who can edit and delete schedule items.

A calendar view of tasks can also be enabled. Once enabled ‘Calendar’ will appear in your group menu and display tasks by day.
Click Finish to finalize group creation.


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